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TOP CONGES is available for free download for evaluation purposes.

This version is fully functional, but is limited to 10 leaves periods per year and per employee. The install includes a sample database (EXEMPLE) including 90 salaries and 3,600 absences.




Registered users: please do not install this version.
Help Guide [en]
Guide d'installation  [fr]
Default connection:
   user: admin / password: admin



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Error message: UNAVAILABLE SERVER - Please launch the application server "Serveur Top Congés"
    Top Congés is a client/serveur solution, so even if you install it for a single desktop use, you need to make sure that the server part is active before connecting: menu Start - Programs - Top Congés - Serveur Top Congés
    A notification icon should then appear at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Can I start fill in real data with the trial?
    Yes, but you must use to "SOCIETE" database.
    On connection, click button "Options" then choose base SOCIETE.
    Your data will be backed up daily, and kept safe when installing the full version on top of the trial.
    Please access our online wiki for more documentation, or feel free to contact us for english support.


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