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TOP CONGES is a network software made to allow every company to manage easily and effectively the scheduling of vacations and leaves.

Once defined the key elements of your organization (departments, types of absences, options of calculation, business days, public holidays...), it is able to calculate the duration of leaves, control the entitlements, and update the balances of benefits for your employees.

Your departments schedules as well as individual calendars are available in real-time, and you can easily print them in several formats and time frames.
Graphic syntheses and data tables can be exported and exploited by other office productivity tools.

Our quick and easy solution sets up fits very well in your office productivity environement thanks to its ergonomics, reactivity, sorting and printing capabilities.

All this make it an ideal tool for corporates and administrations from 10 to several undreds people. Giving it sensible prices sheme, it can be used any small to medium company, where it will be a great time saving compared to spreadsheet based or generic scheduling solutions.


Key points

  • Easy to use
    No need for training, after a simple initiation, you employees collaborators will be operational.
  • Time saving
    Quickly print or export numerous parametrized reports.

  • Share and collaborate
    Allow your collaborators to better monitorize and manage their teams.

  • Fast and compliant
    Native application for Windows® XP and up, providing you with the best performances and user experience.

  • Fully networked
    Work over any IP network, either local, or throught internet. Only one initial install thanks to included auto update features.

  • Secured
    Up to 4 access levels for administrators, RH, managers, employees, with several options.

  • Printable
    Choose your time frame and print out nice schedules in no time.

  • Customizable
    Define what ever absence type you may need, and enable your employees to manage their obligations, previsions, availability...

  • Price scheme
    Sensible pricing either based on manpower and level of deployment.




Licensing levels

Depending of your deployment choices, you can choose between 3 licence levels.

  • Standard : cheaper, with minimum users.
  • Professionnal : ideal if you have a wide network and would like to enabled full team collaboration.
  • Entreprise : maximum comfort level with additionnal web visualization intranet module for your employees.


Schedule and calendar      

Credits management


Synthesis et Graphics

Network enabled      

Number of employees (max)


Number of users (max)

1 for 10 employees
Leaves coding (fr) in schedule
Microsoft Excel export (fr) of schedule
Move balances (fr)
Email confirmation (fr) of leaves

Web visualization (fr) module


Free support and updates

3 months

1 full year
then 30% per year

1 full year
then 30% per year





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